Move out Process

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    The Tenant will provide the Landlord with 60 days written notice of their intent to move out. This will provide the Landlord the adequate time to re-rent the Unit to a new Tenant. During this period, the Landlord has the right to show the Unit to perspective new Tenants. The Landlord will provide 24 hours notice to the Tenant prior to the any such showing. If the lease will expire within 60 days naturally the Landlord will notify the tenant & will give them an opportunity to sign a new lease before the property is advertised.

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    The Landlord and the Tenant will inspect the rental unit and note any issues with the unit, then compare these issues with those recorded on the initial inspection. Any damages caused by the Tenant beyond reasonable wear and tear will be assessed by the Landlord and billed to the Tenant to restore the unit to its pre-rental state.

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    Tenant will return all copies of keys to the unit to the Landlord and will move out of the unit by 3 PM on the last day of the lease. Tenant is responsible to remove all of their possessions from the unit as part of the move out process i.e. they are not to leave behind any items. Should the Tenant not remove any of their items, the Landlord will arrange for them to be donated to charity or disposed of. If the items require disposal the Landlord will bill the Tenant for the costs of dispoal.