Move in Process


Once you have completed the Application Process, and the Landlord has given you the keys, you’re done right?

Not quite.

  • ”1″


    As part of the Move In process you and the Landlord will inspect the rental unit and note any issues. These issues will be recorded and signed by both parties. This is done for the protection of both you and the Landlord, so that when you move out you will only be responsible for damages you, your friends or your pets cause.

  • ”2″


    The Landlord will provide the Tenant with a copy of the City of Cambridge’s garbage and recycling schedule and will assign you a mailbox.

  • ”3″


    The Tenant will need to inform the Landlord if it is their intent to use Bell Phone or their own cellular phone. The Tenant will inform the Landlord if it is their intent to arrange for Cable TV & Internet. While these items are paid by the Tenant, it will be the Landlord who determines where the phone or cable enters the building if new entry points into the building are required.

  • ”4″


    The Landlord will remind the Tenant that changes to the unit including painting any part of the unit, must be approved in writing by the Landlord prior to any work commencing.